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Truth Table Generator
August 22 · 3 min read
Generate Truth Tables and export them to Markdown, LaTeX and more
How to fix "working directory is not a recognisable ghost installation"
August 10 · 15 min read
The reason of the "working directory is not a recognisable ghost installation." error in Ghost - and how to easily fix it
The Power of Webhooks in Ghost: A Guide to Automation and Integration
August 10 · 15 min read
Automate workflows, marketing and more. Follow this step by step tutorial to set up custom webhooks - and the 15 best examples
Elevating Your Ghost Website with AMP: Why It Matters and how to do it
August 10 · 15 min read
Boost your page visibility and speed with AMP for your Ghost blog. And how to do it the correct way.
How to automatically create Table of Contents (ToC) for Ghost Posts
August 10 · 12 min read
No more manual Table of Contents in your Ghost CMS! Here is how to add a ToC within seconds that updates automatically. Different styles and expandable ToC available. Step by step guide.
How to handle subdomains (and their SSL) in Ghost
August 10 · 15 min read
Step by step tutorial: Remove or add subdomains like www. or on your Ghost website with easy redirects and SSL protection (for free).
How to Integrate a Custom Domain with Your Ghost Website and Newsletter
August 10 · 15 min read
Your branding begins with the domain. Follow this step by step tutorial to integrate your custom domain
Start Ghost on Digital Ocean in 5 Minutes - Step by Step Guide
November 30 · 13 min read
It takes 13 Clicks to start with Ghost on a Digital Ocean Droplet that costs only 6$ a month. Follow this Tutorial to get startet in 5 Minutes and claim a 200$ bonus for Digital Ocean.
How to Add Google Adsense to Your Ghost Blog
September 24 · 11 min read
Start monetizing your website today. This guide helps you to set up your Google Ads on Ghost and earn your firs income. Follow along in 5 steps
Without Upgrade: How to Solve Outages of Digital Ocean Droplets
August 27 · 15 min read
Is your Ghost droplet in Digital Ocean shutting down for no reason? Here is a simple way to fix that, without additional costs. Get this solved in 10 Minutes and never be offline again.
Ghost Announcement Bar: 5 examples to drive engagement
September 2 · 8 min read
Add gradients, background colors, links and a sign up form to your announcement bar in Ghost. Use the top bar of your website to increase engagement.
Why and how to fix 'pages have duplicate H1 and title tags'
August 23 · 8 min read
Using Semrush on your website might bring up an issue: pages have duplicate H1 and title tags. How you can solve that and how severe the problem is
How to install Python and pip in 2023
August 26 · 12 min read
Step by step guide to install the newest version of Python and Pip on Windows, macOS and Linux.
'eval can be harmful' Error in JavaScript: Causes and Solutions
August 10 · 8 min read
Understand and solve the eval can be harmful error in JavaScript. Find the best alternatives to the eval-function for your JavaScript project.
How to Efficiently Import Variables from .env File in Your React App
August 10 · 8 min read
Use protected .env variables in your React App. 3 best ways to import .env data into a React App with JavaScript or Typescript
When and how to use `only screen` and `screen` media queries
August 25 · 8 min read
Responsive design require developers to use different CSS media queries. Understand the difference between `only screen` and `screen` media queries and when to use what. What is the screen property even needed for?
Digital tools and tricks to help you with your Ghost publications, truth tables and much more. I hope it helps you.
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